Upsurge Celebrates 25 Years!




















Reviews and Comments From 25th Celebration

Lincoln Bergman – It was just great! The music/poetry the poetry/music, the politics and soul and rhythm from start to finish…and O that “Loves in Need of Love Today”–great musicians and poets—very inspiring and upsurging indeed!

Pat Jameson-Amwele – A very beautiful, powerful, amazing show last night, Raymond! Congrats on UpSurge’s 25th Anniversary, Raymond & Zigi! And all those with you in the band were outstanding, as well! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Carol Canter – Did it well is a major understatement. This was another knockout performance, Raymond. You and Zigi weave a web of magic with your words and sounds and movement, going very very deep, bringing key issues of the day to our heart and soul and mind. There’s no turning away, and it’s profound. Every one of your musicians was amazing as well. Keep coming back to Berkeley and Oaktown, and we’ll look forward to seeing you both this summer in Harlem!

Miranda Bergman – You definitely did do it well!! You (every band member and you and Ziggy) did it movingly, inspirationally, healing. Thank you.

“Congrats, heard you rocked it, stomped it, turned it out! ”

I really enjoyed the event in Berkeley last night, you guys laid it down. Tell Zigi I can get the I Am Poetry tee shirt when I see the artist and mail it if she likes. WM

Poetry and Jazz: Surging Together in Berkeley